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Data & Online Analytics Automation.

Web & Social Analytics.

Our Capabilities.

Web & Social Analytics.

SEO Research & Analytics.

Google Insights & Tags.

Web & Social Analytics.

As your business grows, your company’s data become valuable assets containing secure content, product transactions, customer information, or other business-critical data.

The data team at Reintivity has the expertise to assist you with all your database needs, including design, implementation, administration, and maintenance, as well as data analysis and reporting. We can assist you in managing and protecting your database system over its entire life cycle.

We support:

  • Website analytic tools.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Cloud based analytics platforms.
  • Enterprise database platforms.

SEO Research & Analytics.

Web SEO analytics feeds, and fuels, our strategy. SEO research is an integrative service, part of almost all other arms of digital media. Not only does it provide information about your business, but also about your consumer, making multi-platform marketing more targeted. The insights we extract from tools and manual audits of your site improve profitability and ROI. Attribution web analytics ensure you can follow the conversion funnel and pinpoint exactly how you captured a customer.

Google Insights & Tag Management.

Google Analytics.
We have a Google certified professionals on staff meaning that our team members have demonstrated our expertise of online web analytics to a high level, while meeting spend requirements and delivering noticeable revenue growth across all our campaigns.
With experience working across a huge range of web analytics  verticals and sectors, we can spot the important issues, trends and factors amongst a wealth of data.
Tag Management.
With its advanced functionality, Google Tag Manager offers a wealth of opportunities such as event tracking, the ability to future-proof your website and more.

Thoughts & Insights.

Specialized IT Recruitment Services

Specialized IT Recruitment Services

Need to Reinvent your technology Staff Augmentation? Technology recruiting is one of the most significant threats to finishing software and technology projects on schedule. The use of a site-led recruitment strategy frequently results in the several major issues. To...

Data Services for Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence Practice at Reintivity is comprised of a seasoned and experienced group of consultants that specialize in helping you gain useful insights from your data and turning these discoveries into actions by starting and integrating business processes inside your organization.

Reintivity delivers end-to-end Microsoft SQL Data Platform solutions. Many of our Data & Analytics Management clients take advantage of the complete array of BI solutions.

World Class Web Presence

Invest in growing your online presence with Reintivity website development, maintenance and optimization services. Our web maintenance services include:

  • Software Updates.
  • Back ups. 
  • Online Analytics. 
  • Service Requests. 
  • Social Media Marketing. 
  • Malware scans.
  • SEO Research & Analytics.
  • Maintenance & Fixes.
  • Security & Publishing.
  • Managed Web Hosting. 


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