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One blue paper document in front of two white documents. The blue paper document says ‘Health Risk Assessment Drives Market Leadership’.

Healthcare Case Study.

Health Risk Assessment Drives Market Leadership.

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Technology & Software Mgmt.

Get tailored IT support packages customized for your business needs.

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Case Study: Healthcare.

Application Modernization for EHR Provider.

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IT Staffing & Recruitment Services.

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Multiple screens that say 'Technology', 'Hiring' and 'Success'

Custom Software Development

Web, mobile & SaaS project consulting that delivers.

Cloud, Data, AI, and IT consulting firm helping businesses reinvent their productivity through software and technology.

Reintivity is a Cloud Technology Solutions firm that has been helping businesses reach their full potential since 2013. We develop and administer custom software solutions for start-up, scale-up and mid-market clients.

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What Our Clients Say.

Phenomenal job while working as a technical contractor. He was able to develop full end-to-end solutions using Microsoft SQL technologies with minimal direction. He was able to effectively interact with business users to gather requirements, build a scope, and deliver the final product in a timely fashion. Not only did he do an exceptional job with the projects he was assigned to, he went above and beyond and hosted MS SQL classes covering various topics for my staff.


Healthcare System.

I had the pleasure of working with the consultant when he was a technology consultant for a managed care entity that was bringing up its systems to report data to the state and conduct healthcare analytics. I knew when he contacted me that he had always first thought things through as he was consistently both clear and methodical in his presentation. He was always quick to grasp new information and often times ended up helping me to figure out problems in our state technology systems. His technical skills seemed very strong. He was always very positive and a pleasure to work with. I always enjoyed interacting with him. I highly recommend the consultant.


State Healthcare Department.

Applied Leadership and Technical Skills are the best words to describe him. He has a talent for looking at extremely complex challenges, designing solutions that are both effective and economical and implementing solutions while ensuring that everyone learns from the process. He is also a pro at uncovering hidden value in others. Hire his team to do a project, and he is going to deliver several options you never thought were possible. He exceeds expectations in everything that he does for his clients, his staff and his employer.


Public Health Program.

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