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Strategic guidance helped Health Plan Provider overcome data challenges, resulting in a customized database platform, enhanced reporting, and improved business outcomes.


A Health Plan Provider faced significant challenges in protecting sensitive patient data from cyberattacks and complying with stringent regulatory requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). They needed to find a solution that would exceed regulatory data protection requirements, enhance their platform applications, and build trust with their health systems customers.

Reintivity, a leading consulting firm, was tasked with assisting the Provider in developing a robust strategy to address its data security challenges. The consulting firm had to navigate the complexities of the highly regulated healthcare industry, understand the Provider’s specific requirements, and identify suitable technologies and approaches to ensure data protection without compromising performance and productivity.


Reintivity worked closely with the Health Plan Provider to devise an effective solution that would address their data security concerns and regulatory compliance needs. The consulting firm recommended the implementation of Always Encrypted with secure enclaves in Microsoft Azure SQL Database. This advanced encryption technology provided column-level encryption capabilities, separating the encryption keys from the database and enabling transparent encryption and decryption of sensitive data. Secure enclaves, trusted execution environments with specific hardware requirements, were utilized to enhance database security and provide additional protection for the Provider’s data.


The collaboration between Reintivity and the Health Plan Provider yielded significant results and benefits:

  • Exceeded Regulatory Requirements: By implementing Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, the Provider surpassed the data protection requirements set by HIPAA, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding patient data and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Improved Security and Trust: The Provider built trust with their health systems customers by adopting a security-by-design approach and implementing robust data protection measures. Authorized users with appropriate permissions and encryption key access were the only ones able to view sensitive data, ensuring confidentiality and mitigating the risk of data breaches.
  • Enhanced Platform Performance: The solution not only bolstered data security but also positively impacted the Provider’s software engineering and product development practices. Development teams were able to make data calls without additional code or configuration settings, improving productivity and eliminating blockers.
  • Streamlined Operations: With the efficient implementation of Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, the Provider experienced improved operational efficiency through data engineering, leading to faster development and fewer obstacles in their day-to-day operations.

In summary, Reintivity consulting firm played a crucial role in helping the Health Plan Provider overcome their data security challenges and achieve regulatory compliance. By recommending and implementing the innovative solution of Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, the Provider was able to exceed regulatory requirements, enhance platform performance, improve operational efficiency, and build trust with their health systems customers. The collaboration between Reintivity and the Provider serves as a testament to the value of expert consulting and strategic partnerships in tackling complex data security issues in the healthcare industry, ultimately leading to better business outcomes and improved patient outcomes.