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Collaboration & Productivity Tools.

Implement Cloud Services.

Our Capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Implementation.

Cloud Computing Platforms.

Email Client Configuration.

Google Workspace Implementation.

Cloud Application Support.

Social Messaging for Teams.

Organizations are increasingly moving their technology workloads to the Cloud, citing numerous advantages such as increased agility, lower consumption-based costs, ease of scaling to meet market and geographic demands, product and service transformation, internal operations optimization, and improved digital customer engagement.

Office 365 Implementation.

The Microsoft’s 365 (formerly Office 365) solution offers a robust productivity suite, including Cloud storage & Microsoft Office for business, provided as a managed service & on a subscription basis.

Microsoft 365 is also increasingly a platform of collaboration through Teams and for automation through the 365 Power Automate service.

The Reintivity team can help you migrate your legacy office suite implementation to Microsoft 365 – shifting your business to a modern collaboration and productivity model.



Cloud Computing Platforms.

Moving server workloads to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows organizations to benefit from lower costs & enhanced security, resilience & agility.

Organizations can also build Cloud-native software on these platforms to create competitive advantage through lower server administration, reduced costs and with access to cutting-edge AI, automation & analytics.

Email Client Configuration.

When configuring your email client, be it on your Server, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or email host, it is often difficult to figure out which connection settings you should be using. One wrong configuration can be the difference from you email getting to your client’s inbox to your entire organization being blacklisted on popular email hosts.

Reintitivity can help you with:

  • Basic Email Configuration.
  • Webmail Email Management.
  • Application/Device Set-Up.

Google Workspace Implemenation

Google Workspace embodies what the cloud stands for: greater technology for better collaboration, which leads to better business results. The Google Workspace suite of apps makes it simple to create documents, presentations, meetings, calendar invitations, spreadsheets, and more, with management of access and sharing controls for improved collaboration and security.

Working together has never been more efficient than it is now, with a plethora of tools available at any time, in any place, and in any business.

The Reintivity team can help you migrate your legacy office suite implementation to Google Workspace – enabling your team to work together on everything from day-to-day communications, to managing documents to customer presentations with real-time collaboration tools.

Cloud Application Support.

Application Support is mutually exclusive with the preparation, implementation, and operation of the Software Application. Reintiivty provides services of Application support for:

  • SAP Application Support, Software Application Support, ERP Application Support & Application Support Development.
  • IT infrastructure specialists, developers, architects, and management professionals make up the Application Support team. Each stage of work to be completed is assigned a level in software application support.
  • In an IT environment, where help desk personnel, technical support, desktop support, system administrators, system engineers, and network engineers collaborate, application support is a constant occurring activity.
  • We follow a unique Application Process cycle that includes a series of Levels based on the application support required.
  • The ITIL Service Operation – which is involved in incident resolution – provides first-line assistance.
  • The resolution of incidents and the investigation of problems are handled by second-line assistance.
  • ITIL Service Management – which delves into technology-related issues, identifying faults and mistakes before offering a solution – handles the third line of support.

Social Messaging for Teams

Social Messaging is the preferred method of team communication, and it is increasingly where business professionals want to engage and collaborate with one another.
Reintivity can help you effectively integrate these conversational channels into your technology stacks, including with WhatsApp for Business, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat.

Thoughts & Insights.

World Class Web Presence

World Class Web Presence

Invest in growing your online presence with Reintivity website development, maintenance and optimization services. We will work diligently with you to ensure that your vision, complimented by our use-case experience, will make your company’s online presence a...

Managed Software Technology Services

Managed Software Technology Services

Need IT Support that delivers results? If the typical IT "break-fix" approach isn't working, there must be an alternative. At Reintivity, we think there is - one in which IT can provide value to the business while also being proactive in its approach to technology and...

Power BI Consulting for Managed Care Coordination

Power BI Consulting for Managed Care Coordination

Reintivity’s Power BI consulting helped a managed care health organization enhance its Care Coordination and Management by making informed data-driven decisions CHALLENGE The managed care organization leading 1,000 personnel to coordinate health-related needs for its...

vCIO Services

A Virtual CIO is a distant or virtual entity, such as a contractor or a corporation, that acts as your organization's chief information officer. The Virtual CIO performs the same functions as a traditional CIO. They work with your IT department to develop strategic goals, budget plans, business process analyses, and technological improvements.

Use our technical expertise, provided as a Virtual CIO (vCIO) or Virtual IT Director service, to bring your most ambitious business ideas into action with fewer risks and lower costs.

Managed Software Technology Services

The concept of Reintivity's modern-day IT service is built on basic, tried-and-true techniques and practices, such as:

  • Regular maintenance evaluations of all IT equipment to extend computer systems' usability and performance.
  • Ensure that security patches and software upgrades are installed to protect the network and endpoints from both faults and threats.
  • Early detection and proactive monitoring to discover and address issues before they cause downtime and interruption.
  • Reporting and tracking to identify and replace faulty equipment.


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