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The good news is that most jobs don’t go to the person who’s most qualified, instead they normally go to the one who does the best job self promoting. When the list comes down to just a few candidates and the hiring manager can’t make the decision based on just qualifications then it’s about the chemistry that’s formed during the interview process. Many times it’s really all about the chemistry because employers want to ensure that they can enjoy working with the person hired and that they’ll fit into the social structure of the team and department.

The resume of Technology Professionals can easily over emphasis degrees, certifications and programming languages. This works in your favor because over baring credentials make it difficult for hiring managers to get a feel regarding which candidate will best fit in their business culture.

Keeping this in mind, here are three key factors that can help you get an edge over those with more credentials:

Creative Resume Writing

Without the technical training and experience one has to first be creative in customizing their resume so that they can get in the interview door. This is where that creativity comes in hand because you have to list and highlight previous activities that will relate to the position. Mention personal projects that you’ve completed, the types of self-study that you’ve participated in and groups that you’re a member of that emphasis expertise. If you’re not with a group then consider checking out “,” you’re sure to find one near you specializing in your technical interest (if there isn’t one then start one), then join one, two or three (for the networking opportunities if not for anything else). Also make sure that you’re not using the same 1-Size-Fits-All resume for each job posting.

The I’m Growing Attitude

Once you have the interview make sure that you arrive confident, displaying likability and that you’re well informed (since you don’t hold the traditional experience and training you should expect your knowledge to be highly tested and questioned). Also make sure that you display the attitude of a person that is willing to be trained, pursuing training and willing to learn something entirely new. Organizations have a tendency to change directions quickly and need people on board that are willing to change with it. “Pursuing training” is also important because companies respect people who are willing to invest in their own future regardless of the outcome of the interview. Click here for 5 tips that will help you to become the Tech Pro who’s highly valued.

20 No’s for one Yes

Lastly, go into the process planning to do to a lot of interviews. Say to yourself,”20 interviews for 1 Yes.” Set a goal of 20 or more interviews. Count them as the interviews pass. This will help keep your spirits high so that you can stay the course. It highly unlikely that you’ll get to #20 before someone says, “Yes, we want to make you an offer.”

photo courtesy of laverrue