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Google has been reorganizing its health division since at least June. Google’s personal health record service, also called Google Health, had roughly 700 employees working on research, imaging, health sensors, clinical tools and more. The restructuring was aimed at improving Google Health’s effectiveness and execution speed, while supporting Google’s expanded focus on health and wellness. That rationale also backs the dissolution, according to top personnel.

Google Health, the company’s health-specific division, has been dissolved with no layoffs. The head of Google Health, Dean DeSalvo, is leaving to become president and CEO of Cerner starting in October. There are no plans to create a new team for its clinical team, which is currently building an EHR tool. Analysts say there’s little concrete to show from the three-year run, despite the prestigious brand and deep pockets of Google.

After four years Google Health has shut down. The company’s first foray into the industry, Haven, was a joint venture between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan Chase to lower healthcare costs for employers. Google has a slew of initiatives and healthcare projects scattered across its various divisions.

Google announced plans to open an office in Rochester, Minnesota, to bolster its long-term partnership with academic medical giant Mayo Clinic. The company is also testing AI in radiotherapy for cancer treatment and researching how to leverage advanced computing techniques to fix Mayo’s processing bottlenecks. In April Google announced it entered the early stages of a new project to develop a consumer-facing health records tool for Android users.

In May, HCA Healthcare inked a multiyear collaboration with Google Cloud focused on building a health data analytics platform. In July, Google worked with researchers from the Naval Medical Center San Diego and Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine to develop an AI tool to predict breast cancer status.

Source: Insider.