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The Georgia Office of the State Treasurer (OST) is in charge of the state’s cash and investments. OST receives revenue collections from the Georgia Department of Revenue and other sources and invests that revenue to generate earnings for the benefit of Georgia’s 10 million citizens, as well as helping to ensure the state’s agencies have the funds they need to support the health, public safety, education, and welfare of all Georgians.

OST cannot afford to have unexpected downtime given the essential nature of its company. That is why OST opted to use a strong mix of Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft Surface Book devices, and Windows Virtual Desktop to give workers with highly secure, continuous, and seamless access to the information and contacts they require to accomplish their jobs from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams has been quite helpful in giving user support for OST employees who are attempting to work from home. OST’s IT Business & Operations Manager, Angel Taylor, adds, “We can share screens and see what people are doing, walk them through things. We can still answer calls to our office phones because they’re routed through Teams, so if anybody calls my desk, I’ll always be able to pick up. And if I’m in a situation where I can’t fix a problem or it requires somebody with more knowledge, I can easily add them to the call so we can both provide help. Teams has really been perfect for everything that we need to continue to provide support to the users, especially in this time because they are a little more anxious.”

OST has benefited from this move amid the turbulent times of 2020. Bill Wyatt, the chief information officer, stated “The economy and scale of Microsoft cloud technologies helped us to bring everything under one umbrella and eliminate a lot of costs and administration for third-party solutions, without sacrificing security or continuity.”

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Source: Microsoft.