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Using Microsoft 365, the software giant’s cloud-based communications and collaboration platform, could be a security liability for many organizations, a new report from Egress seems to suggest.

The data security company’s new Outbound Email: Microsoft 365’s Security Blind Spot paper, based on a poll of 500 IT leaders and 3,000 remote-workers in the UK and US, claims businesses who use Microsoft 365 suffer more email data breaches and have to deal with more difficult consequences in the aftermath.

Were it not for the pandemic, however, things would probably have been different.

More than two-thirds (67%) of IT leaders said the increase in email data breaches happened due to home working, compared to just below a third (32%) among those whose organizations don’t use Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration and communication platform.

Furthermore, almost all (93%) businesses who use the service reported negative impacts following an email data breach, fewer than those who don’t use it (84%).

More than one in six (15%) of those using Microsoft 365 suffered more than 500 data breaches last year, compared to just 4% among those that don’t.

Humans are the weakest link.

At the end of the day, the problem doesn’t seem to be in the platform itself, but in the way people use ut. More than a quarter of IT leaders (26%) said a severe data loss incident came from an employee sharing data via email by mistake. Yet again, the figure drops among businesses that don’t use Microsoft 365 – 14%.

The worst part is that IT leaders aren’t overly optimistic about the future, not believing things would change for the better, any time soon. More than three-quarters (76%) believe remote and hybrid working will make it harder to prevent email data loss from Microsoft 365 in the future.

Among those not using the service, just 40% share the same outlook.

News Source: TechRadar